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Advantages of a Lateral Filing Cabinet

The lateral filing cabinet offers several benefits that vertical cabinets simply can’t provide. For one, lateral units are more practical for most businesses, as wall space is often not as valuable as floor space. Also, they can be easier to clean. There are several other advantages of lateral units, and here we’ll look at a few of them. Read on to learn more. You’ll be glad you did. After all, you’ve probably seen plenty of vertical filing cabinets in your office.

Another major benefit of a lateral filing cabinet is that they offer more flexibility in office design. A lateral filing cabinet is typically longer than a vertical one, so it can hold more documents. Additionally, the lower height of a lateral cabinet can make it easier to locate files. These are two important factors to consider when choosing a filing cabinet. So, how can a lateral filing cabinet benefit your business? Here are some examples of how it can improve your business’s productivity.

Side-to-side filing allows users to search index tabs while seated. A 36-inch wide cabinet holds approximately the same amount of paper as a 42-inch model, and a 42-inch wide lateral filing cabinet is the best value in terms of filing capacity. Depending on the size of your office space, you’ll likely need a larger cabinet. Regardless of the size of your business, a lateral filing cabinet can make it easier to keep track of printed material and organize your files.


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