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Artificial Intelligence Growth Chart

As the state of the art in artificial intelligence continues to advance, the field is also attracting more people to study it. AI PhD programs have seen a noticeable increase in recent years, but most go into industry, with a small number landing government jobs. Increasing numbers of non-Hispanic whites and Asians are primarily responsible for the increase, while a decline in the number of Hispanic and non-Hispanic black researchers has occurred in the last decade.

AI has made inroads in the business world as well, with several industries implementing it to enhance their customer experience. Currently, 15 percent of enterprises are using AI, with another 31% planning to use it in the next year. In addition, top-performing companies are twice as likely as their competitors to use AI in marketing. And 47% of digitally mature organizations have defined their AI strategy for mobile. For example, AI is already being used in Amazon warehouses to process customer orders, but humans will still be required to complete some functions lasenorita.

According to LinkedIn, AI hiring trends are expected to remain relatively stable throughout the next five years. Despite the potential impact of a global pandemic, China and the US will remain the top two AI-focused countries in 2020. In addition, this year, China and Europe are expected to lead the charge in AI hiring, even if the numbers are smaller. As a result, the AI market is overheated. AI startups and investments have skyrocketed in both the US and Europe.


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