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Distance Learning Examples

As you search for online courses, you will notice many distance learning examples. One of these examples is MOOCs, which are massively open online courses. These courses are similar to college courses, but they are less structured. Although they don’t offer academic credits, MOOCs can be helpful for job growth and higher education. One example of a MOOC is EdApp, which is an editable course library with hundreds of training items. Courses in EdApp’s library range from healthcare training to retail and corporate training. Even a construction safety course can be found on the platform net worth.

Other types of distance learning examples include webinars. These are live online events that are meant to impart knowledge to participants. They are an extension of seminar-type learning methods. Webinars often feature demonstrations, screen-sharing, and one-to-many lectures. More than one person may present a webinar, depending on the format. There are many benefits to using webinars as a form of distance learning. The flexibility they offer makes them ideal for students with busy schedules.

Another example of a distance learning course is the interactive seminary. This format is especially useful when a student cannot attend a traditional college campus. They can participate in lectures online and ask questions using e-mail or chat rooms. These examples are becoming increasingly popular with students thanks to the growing use of instant messaging technology. Many people find it difficult to attend campus or attend college, but distance learning programs allow them to earn an education from home without compromising their work and family commitments.


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