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Guide to the Nemesis Character Redfinger in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy, a popular mobile game, just got an update with a new SSR pseudo-form character dubbed “Nemesis.” Players have been raving about the character’s immense power.

An introduction to Nemesis in the Tower of Fantasy is presented.

Nemesis, a humanoid weapon in the form of the Morning Star, provides a massive amount of wide-ranged lightning elemental damage with added supportive healing abilities. Compared to the Red Lotus weapon, she may not have the same level of damage output, but she makes up for it in her energy charging efficiency and her healing capabilities. These traits make her a great pick for those in need of a multi-function character. Even when facing several enemies, she still stands out compared to other melee classes, although her energy charging rate may not be as quick as the Ice Bow.

At 1 star, Nemesis proves to be an effective healer, and at 3 stars she displays respectable damage-dealing potential from behind the lines. However, when she reaches 6 stars, her backline damage output is doubled. On top of being suitable for healing classes, the lightning damage she delivers provides substantial advantages.

In conclusion, I strongly suggest that healer players obtain Nemesis if they have the means to do so. She makes a huge difference to the healer class and even a 1-star Nemesis is enough for both free-to-play and paying players to get the full character experience wotpost.

When it comes to classes that specialize in dealing damage or using lightning-based attacks, the decision should be based on the resources available. Nemesis is a powerful choice but her performance does not measure up to Red Lotus or Ice Bow when it comes to pure damage output, unless she is brought up to three or six stars. I recommend the 6-star Nemesis for those who possess a 6-star White Moon Kei and are medium to high spenders. It is essential to remember that Nemesis only inflicts single-element lightning damage, decreasing her efficiency against adversaries that are either resistant to lightning or are weakened by it, even in situations where she is placed in the backline.

An overview of the Nemesis Skill in the Tower of Fantasy is presented in this article. The Nemesis Skill is a unique and powerful ability which is available to all players who have completed the necessary steps. It grants the user an array of bonuses, including increased stats and enhanced abilities. The Tower of Fantasy is the only place where you can find the Nemesis Skill, so be sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

The backline can make use of Nemesis, a formidable weapon that has set of skills that are easily triggered. These skills are particularly advantageous for players with limited control due to their frequent triggers. One of these abilities is “Dual Focused Rotation,” a lightning ball that deals area-of-effect damage while at the same time decreasing the speed of enemies caught in its range.

Nemesis’ “Lightning Chain” is a combination of control and healing that activates when they evade an attack while equipped with the Morning Star in the backline. This skill generates lightning chains that damage opponents and induce paralysis while simultaneously providing healing to friendly characters. The Lightning Chain can stack up to five times, making it important to trigger evasions regularly to maximize the stack count.

Nemesis’ last ability is based around the “Thunder” charging mechanism of the weapon. When utilizing the weapon, it enters a state of energy charging and every time the power gauge is full, the following normal strike creates extra wide-range lightning damage. Even though the damage multiplier is not remarkable, the skill’s recurrent activation leads to an impressive DPS during actual battle.

One might wonder what kind of weapon Nemesis wields?

Nemesis’ companion weapon choice should be the Morning Star. This particular weapon is a lightning-attributed one that increases its damage and capabilities after being enhanced to the second stage. It receives a boost to all attributes, allowing it to deliver a huge amount of wide-range lightning elemental damage. The weapon also has the added benefit of providing support to friendly characters, making it a great option for both backline damage-dealing and support. Notably, the Morning Star is the only weapon in the game that can temporarily stop a boss from moving.

The Morning Star and Nemesis are a great pairing as they possess similar qualities. The first is the most powerful tool for raising single lightning damage, but does not affect other elemental damage. Nemesis, on the other hand, is a lightning attribute pseudo-form whose primary attack is lightning damage. This combination is especially effective and thus makes them a formidable duo.

The Morning Star is ideal for Nemesis in terms of healing, dealing backline damage, and charging. It gives a large amount of healing, making up for Nemesis’s lack of regeneration. Moreover, at one star, its healing capabilities increase greatly, displaying its great strength in assisting fellow combatants.

The Morning Star, with its six-star rating, exhibits greatly increased damage output when attacking from the backline due to the presence of both electrodes. As a result, Nemesis’s own electrode damage is bolstered even further. In terms of charging efficiency, the Morning Star is on par with the Red Lotus weapon, and the efficiency reaches a heightened level when the Morning Star reaches six stars, demonstrating a qualitative change. As such, the Morning Star is the most suitable weapon for Nemesis, as there are no viable alternatives.

To Sum Up

To be successful in Tower of Fantasy when playing the Nemesis character, team composition is a fundamental factor. Crafting a strong team structure may be difficult for those who are just starting out. If assistance is needed, the Redfinger Android emulator can be downloaded from Cloudemulator.net where all the knowledge for being successful in this area can be obtained.


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