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How to Play Ludo Game

The Ludo game is a dice-based strategy game that is great for a small group or an entire family. The game board is similar to that of Parcheesi or Sorry Beenz. Players move their pawns around the board by rolling the dice and placing them in the appropriate color pocket. They then attempt to move their pieces to the finish line. If they land on another player’s piece, that player’s pawn is sent back to their starting area.

In order to play Ludo, you will need two to four players. When you are playing the game, it is best to have two people sitting diagonally. If you have more than two players, you can place them in different pockets. When playing with four people, you can put three people into one pocket easysolution24.

Players have a chance to earn cash as they advance through the game. To win the game, players must acquire four coins of the same colour thedigitalscale. Each player is given 24 moves to score points. After each turn, the player with the highest score wins. The game is played with a cube-like die. The first player rolls the die to advance their coin. The dice determines the pace of the game. When the dice rolls a six, the player gets an additional chance world247zone.

The Ludo board will contain bright colours, typically four. There will be a coloured path leading to the matching coloured homespace or triangle. The players will then place their tokens on the board. The board is usually four-sided and can have up to six players. Once each player has placed four tokens on the board, they will begin rolling the dice in a clockwise direction. The player who rolls a six will win. In order to win the game, all four tokens must reach the center of the board forexbit.


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