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Top 10 Reasons For Using Social Media

If you are a business owner, you’ll be surprised to learn that 84% of people don’t use social media for dating. The top reason, however, is a much smaller one: finding a potential romantic partner. Though men are about twice as likely as women to say they use social media for romance, the fact is that a very small proportion of men use it for this purpose. This is a problem that your business should address.

In the survey, users of social media cite various reasons for using them, ranging from staying in touch with friends and family to reading news stories and reading celebrity comments. However, younger people are more likely to say they use social media for this very purpose, with more than half saying this is a main reason for using the platform. And even older people have their reasons for using social media. Some of these reasons are a lot more complicated than others, but if you’re wondering what they are, keep reading!

The ability to listen to your customers. One of the best benefits of social media is that it allows companies to test new products and services. The feedback from consumers is invaluable, especially for companies with long-distance relationships and families. Another advantage of social media is that it allows marginalised groups to connect. Many groups have started online communities to increase the visibility of new products. This gives them a chance to cut through the clutter.


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