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What is the current system of education?

In countries where worldnewshunt  school is not universal, out-of-school rates are still high. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the rate of out-of-school children was 31.2% in 2018. In Southern Asia, the rate was twenty-five percent, and that is still 93 million children. South Sudan and Equatorial Guinea have the highest rates at primary level. Eritrea and Mali amazinginfo have the highest rates of exclusion. In Northern Africa, the rate was nine percent.

Lack of schooling has negative effects on a country’s population and the economy. Lack of education is especially detrimental for girls. Girls thewebgross make up 54% of the world’s non-schooled population. This condition is especially pronounced in the Arab and Central Asian regions. Girls often remain in the home or are married before finishing primary or secondary education.

Approximately 1.6 billion magazineweb360 children are out-of-school. According to UNICEF, it is up to 55 children every minute. This figure is significantly lower than the number in March. In the United States, four hundred and eighty-nine million fotolognews children attend school. Additionally, almost three million of them are working in jobs that are hazardous to their health.


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