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What to Eat After Food Poisoning

After a food poisoning, it’s 123chill important to slowly ease back into a regular eating routine. Start with bland foods and add new types slowly. Avoid eating high-fat foods. Instead, start with small bites of bland foods. Several foods are recommended, including broth and crackers. Fiber helps support colon health, aids digestion, and increases bowel movement frequency. However, fiber shouldn’t be consumed immediately after a food poisoning.

Drink plenty of water after realestatespro food poisoning. Vomiting and diarrhea deplete the body’s fluids. Therefore, you need to stay well-hydrated. Drinking electrolyte drinks and sports drinks is a good start, but make sure to dilute them with water first. Sports drinks contain too much sugar and can upset the stomach. Instead, drink chicken broth or vegetable broth. The BRAT diet is a good guide for people suffering from food poisoning.

The symptoms of food poisoning landnewsnow vary from mild to severe, but they should go away within a week or two. While the symptoms of food poisoning can last for days, it’s important to drink plenty of water. This will help prevent dehydration and keep the body functioning properly. If possible, stay off work or school for a couple of days. If possible, call your doctor or visit a local doctor to discuss treatment options. If you experience symptoms of food poisoning, it’s best to avoid eating alltimesmagazine contaminated foods or sharing food with other people.


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